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Electronic Pulse Massager with slippers

Item No.:MA-YK04

Item name:Electronic Pulse Massager with slippers


1. 4 therapeutic modes:press,rub,vibrate and thump
2. Different automatic massager process is set according to the specific characteristics of your shoulder, waist, joint, hand&foot and leg, which makes effective therapy
3. 8 levels of massage intensity for each mode for your different need
4. Battery and AC adapter workable and switch freely, you can enjoy yourself anytime, anywhere
5. One Big LCD display all details of treating styles
6. The power is automatically cut off after 15 minutes treatment
Functions and effects:
1. It is obviously effective to alleviating the symptoms of cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, arthritis, and lumbar muscle strain
2. It can ease peripheral nerve palsy 3. It can eases myalgia 4 It can promote blood circulation
5. It can remove fatigue


1pc/color box


ctn size:62*44*55.5cm


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