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Nebulizer kits

Item No.:FU-KC108

Item Name:Nebulizer kits

mouth piece, adult mask,child mask, air tube, nebulizer bottle

Disposable nebulizer accessory kit with mask
Material:Made from non-toxic PVC;
Mask of XL,L,M and S
Capacity:10 CC

Disposable nebulizer accessory kit with mask

Made from non-toxic,non-irritant PVC;
screw,easy to seal;
Capacity: 10cc

Mask,XL and L for adult,M and S for Child and Infant accordingly; With hole and without hole;


Suggested procedures of disposable nebulizer accessory kit with mask;


Insert one end of tubing into the compressor and the other end into the cup;

Have an adequate measure of medicine filling into the cup;

Attach the cup to the dome with oxygen mask;

Attach the tubing to the compressor and the cup and start the compressor;

Set the compression air flow rate of compressor at 6L/min;

The rate of the air flow would be reach to 15 ml/min;

The particles of sapy under such conditions can within the rage of 3-5 um;

Keeping the cup straight,hold the mask in your mouth and take slow,deep breath

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