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 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Item No.:FPX-015

Item Name:Fingertip Oximeter


Display mode: LED display

SPO2 measuring range:35%-100%
Pulse rate measuring range:30bpm-240bpm 
Pulse waveform display: bargraph display
Low battery indication: LED display 
Power  supply Requirement: 1.5V(AAAsize) Alkaline Batteries2; 
Working current:25mA
Resolution: SPO2 :  1%     Pulse Rate:   1bpm 
Accuracy: SPO2 :70%to100%2digits,below70%unspecified Pulse rate:2bpm or2%(select larger)
Measurement at  Low Perfusion: The #118alues of SPO2  and  pulse rate can be displayed properly when  pulse saturation is at 0.4%. 
Accuracy of SPO2:4%
Accuracy of Pulse Ratio.2BPM or 2% (Select Larger)
Resistance to surrounding light:
Deviation is smaller than 1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured  in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that measured in dark room. 
Automatic shutdown function:The device will power off automatically within 5 seconds when there is no finger in the device.

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