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Compressor nebulizer

Item No.:CNB69006

Item Name:Compressor Nebulizer


Aerosol therapy of asthma,allergies and other respiratory disorders

This equipment sprayed liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air,and form tiny particles,which flow into the throat through imbibing tube.It adopts oil-free-high-efficiency valve with no need for daily lubrication and it is with low noise,tiny particles.It is an ideal product for family and medical units'use.

Technical data:

Liter Flow Range: > 12lpm

Maximum nebulization rate 0.35mL/min

Sound level:55dB(A)

Particle size:0.5-10um


operation Pressure Range:9.0-20PSI

Compressor pressure range:35-55PSI

product size:30*17*10cm

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