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Bubble Air Mattress

Item No.:FU-AM001

Item Name:Bubble Air Mattress


Mattress Specification: (Bubble Type)

1. Material: PVC 3PLY

2. Thickness:0.3-0.4mm

3. Size:200CM*90CM*7CM( inflated)

4.Spare pcs: 5pcs of round material slices, 1bag of special glue;1pcs of protective tube

5.Cell No.: 135pcs  

Pump Specification:

1. Size: 18.5X11.0X8.5CM

2. Weight:1.0kgs

3. Voltage: AC 220/230V/110V

4. Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

5. Power:10W

6. Pressure range: 15-20kpa (115-150mmHg)

7. Air output:5.0-5.5L/minute

8. Cycle time: 8-10 minutes 

9. Controlled by microcomputer     

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